Elite Engineering Inc.

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Welcome to Elite Engineering, Inc.

Elite Engineering, Inc. supplies professional consulting engineering services necessary to complete your project. We service a vast array of business sectors including Oil & Gas, Petro-Chemical, Infrastructure, Steel, Concrete, Commercial and Residential. 

As a multi-disciplined firm, we take pride in our ability to quickly understand the client's needs and project-specific requirements. Our staff works diligently with our clients on all aspects of the project beginning with the conceptual idea, initial design, evaluating options, cost and planning development to detailed design engineering and construction/start-up support services. We provide the experience and knowledge for all of the tasks involved in each project. Our Project Management group works with our clients and within our organization to ensure that each project meets the scope specification, is completed timely, and remains within budget.

Our ability to quickly understand project parameters and client needs translates to the most effective, economical, and expedient execution of services. We find that many large projects are made up of smaller, individual ones. Our design approach emphasizes simplifying the complex and applying basic principles with appropriate technology to provide quality engineering that is reliable, efficient, economical and functional. 

A relationship with Elite Engineering, Inc. assures you of a project completed to the highest engineering, design, ethical, and professional standards.

Corporate Profile


The engineering capabilities available from Elite Engineering, Inc. (ELITE) span the entire engineering process including full-scale project management for the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical industries, as well as complete engineering and drafting services for the industrial, commercial and residential sectors. Among these capabilities are development of project specifications, breakdown into design specifications, development of concepts, detailed design and validation, procurement support, construction management and inspection services. ELITE does the entire job or just the part you need: From concept to commissioning.

Our management approach makes use of phased program plans for all our projects. We believe in Total Quality Control, and produce these programs with clear, established milestones, which provide visibility and lower the risks inherent in any type or size of engineering venture. This approach gives the customer and ELITE many opportunities to interact and exchange information to ensure a successful project.